Ministry Sessions

VMTC offers ministry sessions for Christians who are seeking wholeness, emotional healing, and spiritual deliverance. Because VMTC is both a training organisation and a deliverance ministry, there is always a balance between giving and receiving, training and ministering, learning and imparting knowledge. We encourage you to come to a camp for your ministry session, because not only will you be set free from bondages and wounds from your past, but you will also allow others to learn the ministry session process.

Each region runs BreakFree camps, which give you the opportunity to be ministered to in a safe and supervised environment.

Freed to Live seminars provide classroom teaching over several evenings, and a scheduled ministry session on a Saturday morning or afternoon as part of the event.

Who can receive a prayer ministry session?

If you want to receive prayer ministry, you must have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. It is helpful (but not essential) if you have already been prayed for to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The effectiveness of VMTC prayer ministry doesn't depend so much on a method as it does on your willingness to let the Holy Spirit deal with past sins and hurts. You need to receive permission from your pastor before attending a ministry session. You will also receive some pre-session training, to explain what is involved in the ministry session.

How does VMTC prayer ministry compare with other methods of counselling?

There are other methods similar to VMTC’s. However, the VMTC prayer ministry is organised by an International Board to ensure that its thorough standards are kept high. It also ensures that prayer ministers are properly trained before being released, and provides a team of people who can support each other and share together in ministering to others.

VMTC doesn’t use secular methods of counselling, but seeks to minister to the whole person—spirit, mind, and body—by using the authority of God’s Word, and by being open to the power of God’s Spirit.

VMTC prayer ministry is not primarily for crisis counselling. It isn’t trying to put a Band-Aid on the visible symptom, but instead, it looks to do a deeper operation at the heart of the issues.


All sessions are totally confidential. There are no written records of any sessions. All prayer ministers regularly undergo their own ministry sessions, so they are totally non-judgmental, whatever may come up in your session.

To enquire about a ministry session for yourself, please contact the Regional Manager or Area Co-ordinator for your region.