About VMTC

Our vision is to heal and set people free through the power of the Holy Spirit


VMTC was founded by Anne S. White in 1971. The ministry began in Florida, USA, and is now established in ten countries: USA, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, India, and Papua New Guinea.

NZ History

VMTC has been operating in New Zealand since 1991, and has an interesting history. There are three regions: Northern, Wellington, and the South Island.

National Board

Directors from each region in NZ form the national board.

President Paul Loveday
Vice President and Northern Chair Anne Zeeland
Wellington Chairman Rex Evans
South Island ChairmanAlan Wright
TreasurerMichael Jones
SecretaryDiana Hamilton


Regional Board

The regional board is made up of directors resident in each region. They have responsibility for the events and training offered by VMTC in each region.